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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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two previous own >> seeing no public comment public comment on this is closed item number pour supervisorer weiner >> i move to item number four as a committee report as a positive recommendation >> without objection this motion passes >> madame clerk is there any
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more motions before us? >> item controls conditional use requirement for residential mergers. >> supervisor avalos said he would be back. for this item. >> let's go to the planning department's presentation >> planning department staff we're not here with a presentation we're here for the committee members >> my understanding is you want to vied the file of illegal versus illegal units >> that's what i was directed to supervisor kim? >> i would if you could for the sake of the public describe -- >> hold on we have a representative from supervisor's
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avalos is here. >> evening i apologize for the convention avalos had to run to another meeting what you have are controls to require a use for mergers of residential units so this follows up on 2013 legislation from severer avalos of strengthening existing housing units this would require a mergers for all units whether legal or illegal in talking with the planning department and building inspection there is a case of the illegal units and require them a cu frshgs the planning side could conflict with dbi which could be compelling to eliminate their units i think we want to take more time to work that process out we would like to duplicate
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the file to keep the current version here and to have the controls to existing units to the full board. >> and then continue the other file to call the chair? >> yes please. in discussion with the city attorney's office they will be here to make amendments if you need clarification >> i wanted to make sure i understood you correctly you want to duplicate the file and file one to the chair. >> that is krekd. then the amendment would apply to mergers of existing units and that to the full board of supervisors. >> okay with no recommendation? >> with recommendation >> with recommendation if the exity so chooses. >> okay just wandering if the maker wanted a positive recommendation weiner do you
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have something to say >> i will make a motorcycles about public comment >> seeing there is no public comment public comment is closed on this particular item. supervisor has a few remarks? >> i will make a motion i request that we duplicate the file for item five then we are version i continue to call the chair then the other version i would move to amend described by mr. polluck and move the amended version to the recommendation. it is one jumbo motion >> i will second the the jumbo motion >> great. >> without objection these motions pass. on item number four. madame clerk is there any other >> there is no further business >> thank you this meeting is
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